Research Integrity

Contributors to this book
Prof P van Helden
Prof ELJF Bohm.

Series Editorial Committee
Prof KD Bhoola
Prof PE Cleaton-Jones
Dr WA de Klerk
Prof D du Toit
Prof A Herman
Ms A Labuschagne
Prof DJ Louw
Dr N Matsiliza
Dr AD MBewu
Dr W Orr
Prof M Poggenpoel
Ms C Roberts
Prof AA van Niekerk
Prof FFW van Oosten
Prof CW van Wyk.


Book 4: Use of Biohazards and Radiation.

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1. What is the South African Medical Research Council's ethics policy?
1.1 General policy
1.2 For whom are these Guidelines intended?
1.3 Ethics principles
1.4 Conclusion
2. General biohazards - an introduction
3. Worker safety
4. Risk assessment
4.1 Prokaryotes (including microbes, viruses)
4.2 Eukaryotes
5. Requirements
5.1 General
5.2 Biosafety
5.2.1 Biosafety level 1 (BL1)
5.2.2 Biosafety level 2 (BL2)
5.2.3 Biosafety level 3 (BL3)
5.2.4 Biosafety level 4 (BL4)
6. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and related issues
7. Use of radiation in research
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Types of research
7.2.1 Research involving radiopharmaceuticals
7.2.2 Research on new diagnostic applications
7.2.3 Treatment
7.2.4 Other research
8. Guidelines
8.1 General
8.2 Selection of volunteers
8.3 Categories of research projects
8.3.1 Category l
8.3.2 Category ll
8.3.3 Category lll
8.3.4 Category lV
8.4 Exposure of single organs
8.5 Research proposals
8.6 Authorisation
8.7 Radioactive waste disposal
9. References
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We extend our grateful thanks to the members of the current Editorial Committee and to colleagues who contributed to the third edition, on which the current edition is based. In the order that they appeared in the previous edition they are:
Editorial Committee

Prof OW Prozesky, Prof SR Benatar, Prof G Dall, Dr WA de Klerk, Prof PI Folb, Prof MP Keet, Prof J de V Lochner, Prof DJ Louw, Prof HJ Odendaal, Prof AP Rose-Innes, Prof SA Strauss.
Additional contributors
Prof AA van Niekerk, Prof P van Helden, Prof J Alexander, Dr R I Stewart, Prof PE Cleaton-Jones.

ISBN 1-919809-49-X (set)
ISBN 1-919809-52-X
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