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Counselling behaviour change using motivational interviewing (4 days)

25th - 28th June 2007
UWC Winter School

Prof Bob Mash and trainers from the MISA network

To train health workers in basic skills or improve their existing skills in motivational interviewing as a form of health behaviour change counseling. Motivational interviewing has broad applicability to some of the major chronic diseases facing South Africa such as HIV/AIDS, diabetes and hypertension. It is of relevance to any counseling that deals with lifestyle issues such as smoking, drugs, alcohol, safe sex, adherence to medication or dietary choices.

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Counselling behaviour change using motivational interviewing
UWC Winter School 25-28th June 2007

MISA trainers (Bob Mash, Rubin Adams, Angeni Bheekie, Graham Bresick, Loren Human) held a 4-day practitioners workshop. Participants came from nursing, teaching, development, HIV, social work, lifeskills and alcohol /addiction backgrounds. The workshop enabled both personal and professional growth and the development of new skills and strategies based on the spirit of MI and using the "road map" described in the book Health Behaviour Change by Steve Rollnick, Pip Mason and Chris Butler.

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